The tobacco used in smoking tobacco products contains a selection of different types of tobacco from different countries.

The following six tobacco types are mostly used in smoking tobacco products:

  • Virginia
    This tobacco is also called "bright tobacco" because of its yellow to orange colour, achieved during the flue-curing process. This tobacco is predominantly grown in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, India, China and France.
  • Burley
    The colour of this tobacco is a bit greener than Virginia, turning brown as a result of the natural ventilation during the air-curing process. The best quality Burley tobacco is grown in the United States, Central America, Malawi, Uganda and Indonesia.
  • Kentucky
    The fire-curing process of this tobacco results in a dark colour and smoky aroma. Kentucky tobacco is mainly grown in the United States, Canada, Mozambique, Tanzania, Poland, Italy and Indonesia.
  • Oriental
    This tobacco has an aromatic flavour, enhanced by sun-curing. Oriental tobacco is grown in the Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East.
  • Latakia
    This tobacco is grown mainly in Turkey and Northern Cyprus. This sun-cured Oriental tobacco is smoked in small sheds after the harvest, resulting in a distinctive, spicy and smoky aroma suitable for pipe tobaccos.
  • Perique
    The air-curing process of this tobacco results in a blue-black colour. It is used to give exclusive pipe tobacco mixtures a more refined taste.