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EU to update Transparency Register to improve EU public policymaking

By April 19, 2018No Comments

Political negotiations on how to update and strengthen the EU’s lobbying transparency register began this week. Representatives from the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission met to discuss how to improve the EU’s rules around lobbying and interest representation.

Any good lobby has nothing to fear from transparency. By being clear in their motives and by providing accurate, reliable scientific data, those involved in honest interest representation have nothing to hide either from regulators or from the general public. It is equally important for policymakers to listen to all stakeholders involved in a debate, so that they can get the most complete view possible on every issue. The interplay of good interest representation and good policymaking ensures the best outcome for all European citizens.

ESTA Secretary General Peter van der Mark said: “Good lobbying and good policymaking are two sides of the same coin. Responsible lobbyists provide accurate, scientifically grounded arguments to make their case, and good policymakers assess all of the available scientific evidence when reaching their decisions. Unfortunately when it comes to tobacco policy in the EU, too often policymakers do not make decisions based on the best available scientific evidence, instead relying on dogma and discredited policy tools. This undermines good public policy in the EU and creates dangerous precedents.

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