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March 2018

Customs officers seize smuggled tobacco in Dijon

By In the news

The customs authority in Dijon announced a large scale seizure of smuggled tobacco this week. The tobacco had been brought in from Germany, where prices are lower. Dijon customs said that the gradual rise in the price of tobacco in France, which started this month and is expected to result in a €10 pack of cigarettes by 2020, makes smuggling from some neighbouring countries more attractive. French customs seized 238 tonnes of contraband tobacco in 2017. Read More

Increase in robberies at tobacconists in France following excise rise

By In the news

BFM reports on an increase in the number of robberies of tobacco shops in France following recent tobacco excise increases. Between January 2017 and January 2018, the number of thefts from tobacconists increased by 7%. €407,400 of cigarettes were stolen in January 2018, compared with €350,500 worth last year. Some tobacconists interviewed said that they had to implement extra security measures to protect themselves against thieves. One tobacconist who now serves customers from behind a secure window says that ongoing excise increases on cigarettes mean they are “worth gold” to criminals. Read More

More evidence of tobacco policy failure in France

By In the news

Le Parisien reports on more evidence of the failure of plain packaging for tobacco in France. Launched in January 2017, the policy was touted by activists as a measure which would bring down smoking rates. However, even the most ardent supporters of plain packaging admit that sales of tobacco products have been stable. In turn they now call for a price point of €10 for a packet of cigarettes to bring smoking levels down. Read More