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April 2018

Illegal tobacco consumption rising in Portugal as cheap whites dominate EU illicit market

By In the news

The Observador reports this week that consumption of contraband tobacco is increasing in Portugal. The Portuguese state loses an estimated €100 million annually in tobacco tax revenue due to smuggling. The second-in-command of Portugal’s anti-tax unit, Lieutenant Colonel Paulo Messias, told reporters that seizures and infractions are increasing, and Portugal is evolving from a mainly production and transit route for illegal tobacco to a market for consumption. Read More

Major tobacco smuggling gang dismantled in Portugal

By In the news

Portugal this week became the latest European country forced to take robust law enforcement action against smugglers of illegal tobacco. Portuguese police said they have arrested the leader of a tobacco smuggling gang and seized 1.2 million cigarettes in Porto and Aveiro, both in the north of Portugal. The police also said that a total of 10 individuals and two companies had been charged in connection with the smuggling. Read More