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Failings of track and trace system once again highlighted

By In the news

EU Observer has published an interview with Luk Joossens of the Association of European Cancer Leagues. Mr Joossens correctly points out the need to step up the fight against illegal trade in tobacco and to implement an effective system to do so. His assertion, however, that it is too late for the European Parliament to veto the bill on a track and trace system is tinged with irony: regardless of whether the Parliament vetoes the bill or not, it is highly unlikely that the track and trace system will be implemented on time for 2019. Read More

Australia proves that EU tobacco plain packaging will fail

By In the news

Over five years after tobacco plain packaging was introduced in Australia, there is no evidence that it has had any impact on smoking in the country. Instead, small producers who require packaging to distinguish their brands have suffered, while the biggest tobacco companies have simply received a larger market share. This from a Euractiv opinion piece written by Sinclair Davidson, a professor of institutional economics at RMIT University in Australia, senior research fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, and an academic fellow at the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. Read More